About us

Zellige tiles or zellij is an ancestral north African art. The tradition has been treasured from one generation to another and today only very skilled craftsmen can achieve these complex geometric mosaics works. Ideal for wall and floor coverings, but also for fireplaces, fountains or even swimming pools, Moroccan tile has inspired many architects and designers to create custom original works.

Founded in 1996 our company specializes in upscale hands made Moroccan products, we have developed an authentic handmade Moroccan Mosaic tiles fitted on pre-fabricated interlocking sheets.  Our skilled craftsmen in Casablanca and Fez meticulously place Zellige designs on easy to install sheets. We then ship them all over the world at reasonable and competitive pricing. Tell us about your project and get a quick and easy proposal for your custom Moroccan tile designs today.

About the owners

Jaïs Zinoun

Jais Zinoun come from a mixed cultural background as a half Belgian half Moroccan he is issued from a family of famous artists, after a long a successful carrier in Ballet Jaïs zinoun returned back to morocco to establish New Wave Enterprises. His knowledge in this field and artistic background gave him the ability to achieve new designs and models for clients in search of unique products.

Muriel Bourgin

Muriel Bourgin is a native of Switzerland she has a degree from university of Quebec in Montreal "UQAM". She has worked as a personal assistant in many banks in Geneva and also as a project director in several event agencies in Casablanca.